Is rajon rondo married or dating

Go on girl everybody in atl know rajon been @toityme golden ticket for a while, when I spent time there I went in her boutique and randoms were talking about it.

I guess she moved on to a bigger fish to do the job!

He is currently dating singer Keri Hilson, but don’t worry, he apparently has 18 siblings so you might just have some other options.

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He was also the ambassador and representative for National Basketball Retired Players Association.After all, he’s currently coming off the bench for Heat, too. In the end, Allen didn’t feel appreciated in Boston.In his final two seasons there, he was made to feel old.Take a look at some of the finest men on the paint (in our opinion).Source: WENNWhen Shannon Brown first came into the league, he was definitely known for more than just his skills on the court.

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