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Andrew Pritchard, Sophia’s dewy-cheeked personal physician. Declan makes Grace’s body melt, but it’s Andrew who seems to be on her same mental wavelength.By the time the summer’s over, though, Grace isn’t going to know whether she’s a scholar or a bombshell, or maybe a little bit of both Dear Ms. It didn’t really end up being any of those for me and thus could be labeled – for me at least – as a disappointment.Cach, Several of your books reside on my “I love these books! So when I hear that you’ve got a new addition to your oeuvre, I tend to get excited. I did, however, come up with some alternate titles.

Grace Cavanaugh thinks she’s in for an easy, lazy summer when she takes a job as companion to her great aunt Sophia in Pebble Beach.

I loved the change in formatting, it was different from the usual novel and was beyond entertaining.

Yes, this book is over 600 pages, but never fear with emails being the format of this book, it breezes by you and you can't believe that you are 200 pages in and already a third of the way through the book.

She’ll dab spittle from her aunt’s chin, watch ‘Animal Planet’, and work on her dissertation for her Ph D in Women’s Studies. With a tart tongue that would put Bette Davis to shame, Sophia sets about transforming her dumpy great-niece into a copy of the B-movie bombshell Sophia once was, and in the process teaches her a thing or two about men, sexual liberation, and power.

Caught in Sophia’s web along with Grace are Declan O’Brien, the college football star turned financial advisor, and Dr.

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